Why do down-the-hole drilling rigs work?

Jan 23, 2024


1. Rotating Drill Bit: Rotary drilling rigs drive the rotation of the drill bit through an electric or hydraulic system. This rotation allows the drill bit to rotate in the underground rock layers, gradually penetrating and breaking the layers.

2. Vibration Action: In addition to rotation, rotary drilling rigs typically have a vibration system. Vibration helps increase the penetration force of the drill bit into underground rock layers while reducing the resistance of the layers, making the drilling process smoother.

3. Grouting System:Some rotary drilling rigs are equipped with a grouting system used to inject cement slurry or other materials into the rock layers during the drilling process. This strengthens geological structures and enhances the stability of the borehole walls.

4. Extraction of Cuttings:Cuttings generated during the drilling process need to be promptly extracted to ensure the efficiency and quality of the drilling. Rotary drilling rigs are usually equipped with systems for extracting cuttings.

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