HW-160YY Hydraulic Drilling Rig

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Drilling depth: 160m
Drilling diameter: 75-500mm
Rated Power: 13.2Kw
Product Detail

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Drilling depth160m
Opening diameter500(Soil)/220(Rock)mm
final hole diameter75mm
Drill pipe diameter42-50mm
Drilling angle90-75°
Engine power13.2kw
Machine size2400*800*1300mm
Vertical shaft speed142/285/570r/min
Vertical axis travel450mm
Single rope lifting force2000kg
Single rope lifting speed0.41-1.64m/s
Wire rope diameterφ9.3mm
Wire rope capacity27m
Rated load18Ton
effective height6.5m
greatest pressure1.2Mpa
Optional configuration
Walking Gantry

Hengwang Group's hydraulic water drilling machine is a specialized and professional equipment designed for water well drilling purposes. It is primarily utilized in industrial drilling, low-temperature drilling, and agricultural drilling applications. Additionally, Hengwang Group offers wireline coring rigs that are suitable for geological exploration as well as SPT soil testing.

Main features:

1. The well drilling machine has a compact size, enabling it to operate effectively in limited spaces, while still possessing impressive power.

2. The drilling rig offers flexibility in configurations, allowing customization to meet the specific requirements of customers.

3. Thanks to its robust engineering and high reliability, this drilling rig is capable of tackling challenging conditions and achieving impressive drilling depths that often exceed expectations for a rig of its size.

Indeed, due to the continuous advancements and progress in technology, the technical parameters and configurations of the equipment are subject to change and may vary upon actual delivery. It is important to refer to the latest specifications provided at the time of purchase to ensure accurate and up-to-date information regarding the technical parameters and configurations of the equipment.


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